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Accepted Papers

Research Track

  • Aygul Gabdulkhakova, Birgitta König-Ries and Dmitry Rizvanov.
    An Agent-Based Solution to the Resource Allocation Problem in Emergency Situations
  • Benjamin Schmeling, Anis Charfi, Rainer Thome and Mira Mezini.
    Composing Non-Functional Concerns in Web Services
  • Petros Papapanagiotou and Jacques Fleuriot.
    Formal verification of Web Services composition using Linear Logic and the pi-calculus
  • Nihita Goel, N.V Narendra Kumar and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar.
    SLAMonitor: A System for Dynamic Monitoring of Adaptive Web Services
  • Markus Lanthaler and Christian Guetl.
    Aligning Web Services with the Semantic Web to Create a Global Read Write Graph of Data
  • Lukasz Juszczyk and Schahram Dustdar.
    Automating the Generation of Web Service Testbeds using AOP
  • Xia Zhao, Enjie Liu and Gordon Clapworthy.
    A Two-Stage RESTful Web Service Composition Method Based on Linear Logic
  • Kyriakos Kritikos, Sylvain Kubicki and Eric Dubois.
    An Automatic Requirements Negotiation Approach for Business Services
  • Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar, Sami Bhiri and Manfred Hauswirth.
    Service Offer Discovery Using Genetic Algorithms
  • Jens Kirchner, Andreas Heberle, Jesper Andersson and Welf Löwe.
    Service Level Achievements – Distributed Knowledge for Optimal Service Selection
  • Tolga Dalman, Michael Weitzel, Wolfgang Wiechert, Bernd Freisleben and Katharina Nöh.
    An Online Provenance Service for Workflows for Distributed Metabolic Flux Analysis
  • Lei Xu and Erik Elmroth.
    A Time Interval-Based Credit Reservation Approach for Prepaid Composite Services in Cloud Enviroments
  • Tino Fleuren, Joachim Goetze and Paul Müller.
    Workflow Skeletons: Increasing Scalability of Scientific Workflows by Combining Orchestration and Choreography
  • Shun-Wen Hsiao, Yeali Sun, Meng Chang Chen and Fu-Chi Ao.
    A Secure Proxy-Based Cross-Domain Communication for Web Mashups
  • Jens Müller and Klemens Böhm.
    The Anatomy of a Secure Business-Process-Management System in Service-Oriented Environments
  • Enda Barrett, Enda Howley and Jim Duggan.
    A Learning Architecture for Scheduling Workflow Applications in the Cloud
  • Ivonne Thomas, Robert Warschofsky and Christoph Meinel.
    Whom to trust? – Generating WS-Security Policies based on Assurance Information
  • André Lage Freitas, Nikos Parlavantzas and Jean-Louis Pazat.
    Cost Reduction Through SLA-driven Self-Management

Industry Track (Papers)

  • Martin Gebauer and Fred Stefan.
    Integration Services Today - A qualitative study -- design and preliminary results
  • Waseem Roshen.
    Enterprise Service Bus with USB-Like Universal Ports
  • Rabeb Mizouni, M. Adel Serhani, Rachida Dssouli, Abdelghani Benharref and Ikbal Taleb. Performance Evaluation of Mobile Web Services
  • Germán H. Alférez and Vicente Pelechano
    Systematic Reuse of Web Services through Software Product Line Engineering

Industry Track (Invited Presentations)

  • Peter Utzinger and Hans-Peter Hoidn.
    Smart Work Industry Best Practices for Business & IT
  • Sigurd Rinde
    Barely Repeatable Processes: Challenge current software models and find a huge and unused source for business innovation and profit.