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Smart Work Roadmap Tutorial for Business and IT

by Peter Utzinger, IBM and Dr. Hans-Peter Hoidn, IBM

This one day Smart Work Roadmap Tutorial for Business and IT will provide an overview of best practices for implementing Web Services. These best practices are derived from multiple customer engagements as well as experience reports and are addressing major areas that need to be covered for successful projects, mainly for Business Performance Optimization, Dynamic Business Process Management for End-to-End Process Automation, Enterprise Architecture Methods, Service-Oriented Architecture and Governance.

Background: Inhabiting the Smarter Planet

Global trends and economic conditions are affecting businesses around the world, and the pace of change is accelerating. Businesses must work smarter to survive and to succeed. Dynamic Enterprises are the heart of this smart work. They enable faster response to changing customer expectations and business demands. The workshop will outline how a roadmap for implementing a solution can be based on best practice for Business Process Management life cycle, Service Oriented Architecture practice, methodology, and governance.

How do smart businesses evolve to adapt and respond dynamically?

  • Enable IT to rapidly meet changing business needs
  • Focus on Dynamic Business Processes and Agile Models
  • Modeling instead of Coding ("the best code is the code that needs not to be written")

Tutorial Topics

  • Business Performance Optimization
  • Business Process Management
  • Smart Work
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Web 2.0
  • Web Services

Learning Objectives

The main goal of this tutorial is to investigate and prioritize major business initiatives and demonstrate how a roadmap can be developed for the upcoming journey to make businesses work smarter, which will lead to a concrete action plan. Attendees will be introduced both to design aspects and to the technology for identification and creation of services, SAAS cloud based modeling of business processes all the way down the route to deployment, management and monitoring, also including the component and operational model. They will learn how agile business models can be implemented and how to business users can be empowered to effectively respond to threats and opportunities. Attendees will see how operational efficiency can be raised and how costs can be optimized by documenting, deploying and continuously optimizing dynamic business processes.

Target Audience

IT Executives and Managers, Enterprise Architects, Project Leaders and Business People, and in general attendees interested in learning about Business Process Management solutions.

About the Speakers

Peter Utzinger is a Solution Architect with main focus on solution architectures and business process implementations in the world wide team of IBM Software Group.

Hans-Peter Hoidn is Executive IT Architect with a very strong architectural background doing architecture more than 15 years with a strong focus on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Architecture (EA).